Heating Air Conditioning: A Few Facts from Its History

November 25, 2017Posted by Roger Cooper


Fire belongs to the things which were not invented by humanity as it existed long before the humanity appeared. However, people turned out to be clever enough to control and use the energy of fire taking into account their own needs and desires. And heating air conditioning needs were the first places where fire could be used.

The first time when humans learnt to control whether they are cold or warm was in front of a fireplace. This fire can be even called the first heating air conditioning device. When people were cold they simply had to move closer and when they were hot they moved farther away.

With the development of humanity their heating air conditioning systems became more sophisticated as well as the ways of using fire. People learnt that when they got hot, they only thing they had to do is to jump into cool water, and let the breeze help in their heating air conditioning needs, read http://harrygouldharveyiv.com/gravity-weighted-blanket-reviews.html. Even though the society developed its need for warmth or cold didn't vanish.

For example, in early Rome, houses were constructed in such a way to allow cool breezes travel throughout the home keeping its inside cool. These homes were equipped with the first heating air conditioning units which were represented by hot springs to heat up the floors. The man's brain helped early people to cope with the most difficult periods in life.

With the development of society heating air conditioning systems developed as well. The invention of electricity left great impact on heating air conditioning units.

In the early 1900's there was a great need for proper treatment of malaria. Numerous scientists were looking for all possible ways of coping with this dangerous illness. As a result, a refrigerated room was invented. In this way, air conditioning was born. If this refrigerated room is mixed with heat received from a fireplace we can speak about invention of the electric heating air conditioning device.

With the invention of this useful device it has become possible to live anywhere including the area with extreme cold or extreme heat. Humans learnt to control the temperature of the surrounding environment. Nothing could stop them from moving anywhere they wanted.

Would you be able to live in Brazil or Florida without heating air conditioning? It would be just impossible for most of us. What about living in the desert, Arizona, New Mexico, or Egypt? With the invention of these systems it became possible.

These were the hottest places inhabited on Earth but there are also extremely cold places as well. The matter is that the heating air conditioning systems made the cold more bearable as well. Life in Alaska, Siberia and Canada became possible again!

These facts from the history of heating air conditioning help us to realize that the humans will always be able to make their life comfortable despite the extreme character of these or those weather conditions.