Symptoms of Cushing's disease

March 14, 2017Posted by Roger Cooper


Cushing's disease in dogs can be characterized by a number of definite symptoms, but the disadvantage of this disease consists in the fact that the dog that is sick with this disease can show off only one or two symptoms. This is why Cushing's disease is so difficult to detect o the earliest stages of its development. In addition to the thinning of the dog's fur, this disease is also determined due to the appearance of great increase of appetite. You can notice that your dog is constantly bagging for food although you have just fed it. Sometimes, you may also see how your dog protects its food from other animals willing to steal some of it. Another symptom of Cushing's disease is the desire of your dog to drink much and often. Consequently, the dog will urinate a lot.

Cushing's disease in dogs is also characterized by abnormally quick growth of the abdominal muscles. As a result, the dog gets fat very quickly and particularly around the belly. But in fact this is the only fatty zone of the dog's body, as all other parts of its body stay the same or get thinner. This is caused by the abnormal distribution of fat in the sick dog's body.

Dog sick with Cushing's disease look very exhausted and once joyful dog full of energy becomes sad and constantly looks for cool places to take rest in. he usually lurks around cool areas of your house. This dog can also pant hardly and as if drag its hind legs.

Treatment of Canine Cushing's Disease

If you suspect your dog to be sick with Cushings disease, first of all take it to the veterinarian. The doctor will start treating the dog immediately. Cushing's disease can be treated in many ways: with medication, with radiation, or with the usage of surgery.


If your dog has been properly diagnosed with the light form of the disease it will probably be given definite types of medication. This medication will regulate the level of production of glucocorticoids in the dog's' body. Unfortunately, medical treatment is often not enough for the complete healing of a dog. So, other methods of treatment are applied.

Radiation treatment

As it is known Cushing's disease in dogs is caused by tumor. Its size can be reduced with the usage of radiation treatment that turns out to be really effective. Besides, this procedure is helpful in regulation of the production of cortisol that influences the performance of the dog's brain.


Surgery is probably the best and most effective way of treating Cushing's disease. The tumor is removed surgically. But unfortunately, this procedure can be dangerous in case if the dog is rather old. Nevertheless, before the surgery, definite tests will be made by the veterinarian in order to make sure that the dog will endure the surgery.