The Evolution Of Wallpaper Did Take Place!

June 08, 2017Posted by Roger Cooper


Wallpaper is several hundreds of years old, but many people consider that there has been very little development in wallpaper. At first it may seem true, but in reality the earliest wallpaper looked like red and white stripe paper, and nowadays wallpaper may be called real artwork. This artwork may decorate the walls either at your home or at the working place. Today you can find all the colors, variations and styles of wallpaper you can only imagine and think of.

With the development of art and fashion, different designs and styles of wallpaper have been introduced as well. Primarily, wallpaper was used to resemble different tapestry styles, and with the development of fashion, styles and people's tastes, the wallpapers became much more exquisite. The way clothing, science and technology reflect the tastes of people, so does the wallpaper demonstrating moods and character of the home owner. With the development of technology, the methods of printing wallpaper have also evolved. Hundreds of years ago massive offset printers or block printers were used to produce wallpaper, while in the contemporary life digitally printed wallpaper has become a widely accepted item.

Nowadays, wallpaper is categorized depending on the commercial usage, and is divided into commercial and home use wallpaper

Commercial Wallpaper

As a rule, commercial wallpaper is printed on thicker, extremely resistant paper as it's specially designed for the usage in hotels, retail outlets, discos and other establishments. The wallpaper should meet particular health and safety requirements like being fire resistant etc. but beside the health and safety issues, there're other requirements including dust and dirt resistant, being easy to clean, etc. The commercial wallpaper is a completely different section because commercial wallpaper doesn't involve customization but it has a company logo printed or custom designs. Here digitally printed wallpaper is really of great help as it offers the images of extremely high quality in comparison with the wallpaper printed with the usage of traditional methods.

Wallpaper for Home Use

The primary function or the earliest wallpaper was for the home usage. Today, wallpaper for home use isn't subordinate or worse than the commercial wallpaper, as it's manufactured to meet the most strict quality control requirements. Nevertheless, one of the greatest advantage of wallpaper for home use is that it's much easier to use in comparison with commercial wallpaper. Besides, an individual can have multiple wallpaper in the same home while commercial establishments are required the usage of the same uniform wallpaper in the whole building. Like commercial wallpaper, digitally printed wallpaper can be also used for the production of home use wallpaper. Most of house owners prefer digitally printed wall paper as they can create their own images to match the interior of their house or the room. Thus, modern people have got an excellent opportunity to decorate their home walls with the most unique and exquisite artworks. The variety of designs, colors and styles offered in the market is really impressive.