Ways of Developing One's Psychic Abilities

September 21, 2017Posted by Roger Cooper


What do you feel the moment you hear the word psychic? It's most probably a tinkling feeling that flows along your spinal chord. Or aren't you sure what the word psychic means at all? Well, you're going to understand what it is in the course of our discussion or even will wish to develop your own psychic abilities.

Developing one's psychic abilities requires much effort and involves a number of methods, including keeping a record of your dreams and thoughts, meditation, and the effort to hear everything that's audible for a few seconds only. Besides, one needs to constantly rouse one's consciousness whenever sleeping or working. One needs to be alert all the time.

An individual can develop his or her psychic abilities at the very moment of being keenly interested in it but it's rather difficult to do and learn. First of all, this person should have a strong will force, otherwise she or he's going to come off second-best. However, one can develop this power of will force.

The next thing that one needs to attain is the state of acute transcendence that can be achieve through regular meditation. One needs to meditate for hours for achieving this goal. A good meditation can lead you to psychic enchantment. At this stage you're expected to feel the great flow of energies in the veins of your body. You should be sensitive to get the most coveted state of perfect transcendence at that peak hour.

Does Developing One's Psychic Abilities Have To Do With Magic?

It should be clear at the very beginning: developing psychic abilities has nothing to do with magic and certainly with black art. It involves much meditation with admiring attention. This is what will show you light. There're myths telling that different types of religious rituals intend to give the power and that people must please any god or goddess in order to get it. There's also an opinion that if one comes closer to the spirits and ghosts he or she gets the power to do whatever one wants. There're also famous rites of the Tantra according to some of which if one takes definite intoxicants this person receives the power of hallucination due to which the individual can foretell anything. Fortunately, these are absurd ideas but in some Chapters of Tantra one can find information of getting the psychic power.

But speaking about developing psychic abilities the most important thing you'll need to do is to know yourself. You should get the power of oneness. Until one gets the super oneness with everything surrounding this person he or she won't be able to foretell and foresee anything. So, if you want to be a psychic power owner you should work really hard, but still in its deepest sense it's absolutely a god gifted power meaning that a person has to be born with this power. But almost anyone can rouse this power and develop one's psychic abilities. The only thing about it is that one person will get this power quicker and easier than the others.